I already sold, what's next?

The after-sales service will help you to retain your clientele. Know it and apply it!
Making a business profitable involves multiple strategies and above all, daily decisions. One of the most important is related to the communication you have with your customers after selling your fashion product or service.
The reason? Well, the fact that you have achieved a sale from a wholesaler or retailer does not mean that they become your real client. In other words, you'll be able to describe someone as your customer when they come back…and do it over and over again.
To achieve this, one of our recommendations is that you perform after-sales service. This happens in the period after the purchase, where as a seller you can guarantee services that include the guarantee and, above all, offer special benefits.
For example:
Purchase follow-up: Through an email, WhatsApp message or phone call, you can communicate with your customer to ask them what they think of the product or service, if it met their expectations, etc.
Instructions or suggestions: Days after the sale, do not hesitate to schedule emails for your customers. The messages can include a greeting as well as instructions for the use of the product or some suggestions to take care of its quality. This will make your client feel important.
Encourage new purchases: Promotions or the arrival of products that complement their first purchase can help you seduce your customer to direct them to make a new transaction.
Emotional interaction: At the time of making the sale, ask your client when his birthday is or, investigate those dates that are important to him or his community. If you know this information, you should take care of it and not share it with anyone. If he agrees that you can maintain further communication, do not hesitate to congratulate him.
A sincere apology: If your product required a guarantee, your shipment was delayed or a complaint came in for some situation, evaluate it and if you can do it, apologize. It will not always be necessary, but sometimes, having warmth in your subsequent communication will give your client peace of mind and, above all, confidence.
Active listening: Whether on social networks, at your stand, or in your sales team's reports, you will find information about your customers: what they like, what they disagree with, what they are looking for and want. With this information you will be able to make decisions, as well as generate various communication strategies, including surveys and other after-sales service tools.
These are just a few examples of the services you can provide after your sales. In conclusion, investing in these kinds of efforts will bring you great benefits such as generating brand advocates, strengthening your relationship with real customers, and expanding their involvement with your fashion company. Let's do it!
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