Your brand, the most important thing

A marketing term that will take your fashion business to the next level.
Surely you have heard statements such as "make a brand", "sell the brand" or "take care of the brand". This is not strange, it is one of the most relevant concepts for fashion companies.
Let's go in parts. What is the brand?

According to the book "Marketing Management" (2016) by the specialist Philip Kotler, better known as the father of modern marketing, it is the name, term, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of said elements, which identify the products or services of one vendor or group of vendors to differentiate them from those of their competitors.
However, the brand is more than that and can be understood in different ways.

A brand is not only a name or a symbol, on the contrary, it is the sum of everything that gives your company personality. In other words, allowing you to differentiate yourself from your competition; All in all a real power tool.

When a fashion company generates a brand, it means that it has achieved or is beginning to achieve aspects such as: recognition, positioning, consumer preference and most importantly, an emotional bond with its customers.

The above is achieved, of course, by working on different steps that lead to success: product quality, competitive designs, value, customer service, professional image, experiences, relationship with specialized media and a long list of attributes.

We could say that the brand is the perception that your client will have of your fashion company.

Therefore, asking, what would you like to come to her mind every time she is close to her?

If you already have the answer, start working on all the details to achieve it. Let's do it!

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