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Business, networking and true design in the same space. Know it!

From July 12 to 15, the 77th edition of Intermoda will once again be the business platform for thousands of entrepreneurs from the national and international fashion industry. Among them, designers and buyers looking for exclusivity.

The above through Trending. It is the most creative pavilion of the entire fair; This space is characterized by a unique atmosphere, enhanced by stands that allow exhibitors to display their commercial proposal under a special setup, while visitors live a true shopping experience.

What to buy in Trending?

You will find clothing ranging from garments for women, men, children or genderless, all in proposals characterized by a high level of design. For its part, various lines of accessories such as jewelry, bags, hats and other accessories are also present.

For its part, in Trending you will have access to footwear brands for different markets. Of course, with shapes and materials that make them unique.

If you want to visit this space, register and get your badge at no cost for Intermoda 77 at this link.

Those who participate?

If you have a design firm, belong to or lead a fashion collective, have an exclusive brand, run a boutique or concept store, or even an online store, Trending is the ideal pavilion to potentiate your marketing to thousands of specialized clients.

Join us! The call is open

Trending has different categories:


Aimed at designers and firms that are focused on design, authorship and of course, with an innovative proposal.


Those emerging talents, designers and associations that have between 3 to 5 brands find their place in this modality.

If you want more information about the call, including the special rates and financial support that exist in Trending, click here .


You have until May 16 to register your trademark!


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