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Catch your customers with strategies from the physical point of sale.

If you have a physical point of sale, it is important that you know that love can be at first sight. In more formal words, the windows of your boutique are extremely important to attract the attention of your customers and provoke their desire to enter the store.

To achieve this and professionalize this process, there are disciplines such as retail design, window dressing (strategies that integrate the decoration of the shop windows of a business) and visual merchandising (a set of actions that allow you to provide a total shopping experience to your customer). .

These concepts are vital within the retail universe, as they help boost the purchase intentions of visitors and complement all the actions that fashion companies apply to increase their sales. That said, they do fit into the various creative and marketing decisions you should consider.

In time…

Are holidays, Valentine's Day or another important date approaching? Take advantage of the positioning of key moments that the calendar of the year offers you, and tell stories around that from your establishment; do not forget to generate a balance between the personality of your brand and the details of the season.

beyond sales

From opening a café inside your boutique, placing a space for a catwalk or art exhibition, to a place of interaction with digital screens, all experiences are valid to innovate.

Facilitates combinations

When arranging, distributing and displaying your fashion item, consider how it can be coordinated with other pieces. Generating and suggesting looks to your clients will make it easier for them to make decisions when it comes to what garment to buy, how to combine it, etc.

Interaction, digital world and more

The future is now. Your store not only offers the products first-hand, it is also the delivery channel for online sales (in addition to home deliveries, you can offer the possibility of picking up at the physical point. This will also build trust among your regular customers and the new ones).

In addition, placing QR codes, scenarios for photographs, even augmented reality experiences or live broadcasts for social networks, will place you at the forefront.

We invite you to strengthen your commercial space and with it, connect with your client. Much success!
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