Sneakers, the new basic

Shoe trends are clear, sneakers are here to stay.

Within the universe of fashion, comfort and functionality are two terms that a few years ago it was unthinkable to combine with adjectives such as formal or sophisticated. In the middle of 2022 it is possible.

And it is that this year has served as a confirmation to conclude that, for a long time, we tread our day to day in a more relaxed way thanks to tennis.

Also known as sneakers, these pieces today teach us to approach and experience fashion in a different way. What in the past was only headed by high-top sneakers or formal shoes (which we will also love and will always be accepted), today also has an opening for tennis shoes.

We combine them in multiple ways in our daily outfits. The reason? They are practical, comfortable and absolutely chic if we know how to explore them correctly; from oversize pants to a leather effect skirt, through skinny jeans and even tailored suits. They are welcome in every look!

Firms like Adidas have proposed them for years and today they are experiencing a furor that places them on everyone's lips. Fashion houses including Gucci have reinterpreted them in recent years and brands with a sporty accent, such as Lacoste, have made them a wardrobe must-have.

In its whitest possible color or, with shapes, textures or retro styles that take us back to the eighties or the 90s with platforms, today's sneakers are a basic and obligatory piece.

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