Valentine's Day: Key to the fashion industry

A day that promotes trade worldwide. We tell you the reasons.

Throughout the year there are important dates for various industries, fortunately, fashion benefits from a large majority. Because? Well, clothes are not only an indispensable product for daily life, but also the opportunity to express emotions.

If correct marketing strategies are added to the above and attention is paid to commercial opportunities, the fashion sector is positioned as a perfect setting to do business .

On February 14 , Valentine's Day is celebrated in countless nations, also known as the day of love and friendship. This date makes the second half of February a relevant day for commerce (if you have a fashion business, you still have time to take advantage of this train).

Therefore, we want to share some data that confirm the above. Take note:

  • In 2019 alone, a survey carried out by the Picodi platform showed that in Mexico women preferred clothing as a Valentine's gift by 41% , followed by categories such as perfumes and flowers.
  • According to a Mastercard study, focused on Valentine's Day, it was reported that in the last decade online purchases for that date had increased more than 300% globally : clothing and accessories are part of this trend.
  • According to recent information published by various media in Mexico, in the present 2022 those who are dedicated to jewelry, for example, will be able to find up to 20% of their annual sales this season.
  • Department stores, chains, concept stores and practically any point of sale focused on fashion, this month offers special promotions to increase their market share .

The recommendation? Take advantage of this important date and the rest of the month, it could be one of the best seasons to boost your fashion business, ask yourself what kind of products you could spread in your communication channels, assess the application of promotions and other schemes.

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