Reasons to visit Intermoda

Thousands of buyers come to this business meeting. You know why?

Intermoda will live its 77th edition from July 12 to 15, 2022 . Yes, there is very little left for the most important and largest fashion business exhibition in Latin America to take place again in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

You too can be part of it. All you have to do is register and get your badge -at no cost- by clicking here. Now that you are registered, well, we will share some of the reasons why visiting Intermoda is a great success:

You will find thousands of products

If you sell fashion, want to start a business or belong to a chain of stores, represent a department or are a purchasing manager, Intermoda awaits you with an infinite number of proposals.

Only in its 76th edition, held in January 2022, the exhibition brought together more than 500 exhibitors and 900 brands, as well as 10 specialized pavilions with products aimed at various markets, for example, women's, men's, children's, grocery, footwear, accessories, among others.

What do other buyers say?

From different parts of the Mexican Republic or the world, more than 20,000 visitors gathered at Expo Guadalajara for the 76th edition of Intermoda. Learn about the opinion that some of them gave about the exhibition:

"I think it is very practical to come to a place where you can find products of interest (...) for the people who are in this industry it is a good forum because you get to know the main suppliers, the main trends and very original products," said Noemí Ramírez. (watch video).

“We found different exhibitors and different seasons. That's what we come looking for, new exhibitors. Come visit Intermoda because we always find new products”, explained Socorro Cervantes (see video).

"I have been coming to Intermoda for 20 years, because it is a point where they show us trends (...) we refresh ourselves here," said Yolanda Durán (see video).

Experts also think

Intermoda also brings together different specialists from the fashion industry or from other areas that provide knowledge or value to this sector:

Such is the case of Eduardo Caccia, an expert in neuromarketing. He believes that Intermoda "is a very motivating event, which is spearheading and an example for other economic activities." While Ángel Grave, renowned fashion designer, narrates his experience in the last seven years: “more maturity, more security and much more business”.

Finally, Mireille Acquart, who is a recognized specialist in sustainable business for fashion, contributes that Intermoda "is a space for visibility of the fashion industry, but also for the best business strategies and practices, not only in Mexico but also in Latin America"

Discover these and other opinions in this video.

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