We have confirmed dates for the #74 edition of Intermoda, it will be from January 19 to 21, 2021 at Expo-Guadalajara. Following all the health protocols, we will be meeting again at the fairgrounds where our fashion business exhibition traditionally takes place with the firm objective of reactivating the economy of our industry.

Obviously, the events industry, in recent months, has been one of the most affected globally. Throughout the year numerous exhibitions have been canceled and many others have made a transition to digital.

In the case of IM Intermoda we work to achieve a hybrid exhibition. The great responsibility that we have, above all, is to implement preventive measures in relation to health in the best way to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We will be very attentive to all the indications issued by the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health in Mexico, the Government of Jalisco and obviously Expo Guadalajara.

Our industry lives and although we face very challenging challenges, many businesses are already working and have implemented adequate sanitation measures in their daily work. Yes, the industry is alive and although fashion has gone to the background for the moment, many workshops are making face masks and medical gowns, among other things, to collaborate in the fight against this devastating virus and thus satisfy the need that our society has. regarding these indispensable medical products.

Once this crisis is over, it will be extremely important to act efficiently and show the best work attitude so as not to let our industry fall. There are many people who live in this industrial sector channeled to the creation of essential products such as clothing and footwear mainly. Designers, pattern makers, dressmakers, seamstresses, models, photographers, producers and many more are part of this sector that, in addition to generating numerous jobs, is part of the economic development of our country. That is why we must put all our effort so that fashion continues to beat.

Textile, clothing, footwear, accessories and accessories suppliers are participants in IM and it will be important to reactivate them immediately and that is precisely where IM Intermoda comes in, offering the best forum for its exhibitors and thus closing the marketing circle with the assistance of buyers. specialists who bring the products to the final consumer.

Intermoda, with more than 35 years of experience, has established itself as the only and best exhibition of fashion products in Mexico and Latin America, today more than ever, it will be the most essential marketing tool in the sector.

We are waiting for you in January!

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