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Get to know some of the Mexican creatives who capture fashion in magical images

Fashion is inspiring. Its designers, characters, garments, and even their function have been creative themes for other artists who, through illustration, painting, collage, and other manifestations, have created powerful images.

Meet some of the Mexican illustrators in love with fashion.

Ricardo Luevanos

His work has taken great inspiration from nature. With a vision full of emotions, he has contributed to the fashion industry through top collaborations, including Palacio de Hierro and C&A. Follow him: @ricardoluevanos

Prince Lauder

An explosion of color and a true celebration of the world of fashion. This is the work of this artist born in Mexico City. He has developed proposals for Vogue, H&M, Chanel, Palacio de Hierro and more. Follow him: @princelauder


A swing of fashion, geometry and lifestyle: The DNA of this artist who, although he has generated creations from a catwalk, has also intervened in spaces or added his art to relevant publications, including Harper's Bazaar. Follow him: @robso__

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