Fashion, divas and Mexican cinema

In past decades of the seventh art in our country, they were the most glamorous women. Know them.

The fashion industry has been present in multiple manifestations of art. Celluloid is not far behind and to confirm it, today we take a look at the past regarding the recent National Day of Mexican Cinema that is celebrated every August 15.

Of course, this look is loaded with sophistication and has a rain of style through three women who -not only stood out for their talent as actresses- also for their beauty and their sensitivity for the fashion of their time.

Maria Felix

The great diva of Mexico added countless movies, love affairs and a unique personality to her career. Among her looks, pieces belonging to Dior, Givenchy and even national talents stood out; Among the Mexican designers who created fashion for María Félix was Armando Valdés Peza, who created impeccable costumes for the movies of that time.

On the other hand, perhaps one of the most iconic looks of the Lady, owes its beauty to the Cartier jewelry house. It was a crocodile necklace made of gold, which have precious stones and diamonds.

dolores del rio

From it we can celebrate multiple themes. For example, she was the first Spanish-American actress to succeed in Hollywood and more than 400 films are in her career. His debut in that industry happened in 1925 with "The Millionaire Doll", an installment directed by the American director Edwin Carewe.

It was an icon that opted for naturalness and simplicity, which made it even more beautiful. Among her big fashion moments is rocking a two-piece bathing suit, virtually no actress has ever done before!

Silvia Pinal

We could not leave out actresses who, although they did not belong to the Mexican golden film era, did stand out in other decades with a unique style. For example, Silvia Pinal.

This renowned actress was one of the most representative figures of national cinema and television; nobody forgets his successful looks during the 60s, while the total sophistication and color of the 70s also characterized him with success. All this, seasoned by her blonde hair.

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