Materials, sustainability and purpose: New formulas for success in fashion.

The pandemic meant multiple challenges for the fashion industry and today more than ever, it is necessary to make new decisions. This was explained by the Brazilian specialist Walter Rodrigues in the recent edition of Intermoda 74 with the digital conference "Fashion is the antidote to generate business".

The main message of his talk? The specialist sums it up clearly: “understanding the regeneration of nature, how we can discover with these processes a much more sustainable and correct way of making materials”.

For Walter Rodrigues, the quarantine periods kept humans under lock and key and nature manifested itself in a positive way, therefore, he suggests working on the idea of ​​circular fashion, working with materials that can be regenerated and emphasizing sustainability in all production processes. .

"There is also another important point: people's behavior (...) now people buy better, products with better finishes, quality and greater perceived value," he explains.

Therefore, the expert establishes new formulas for companies that want to achieve success in the new normality: Know the lifestyle of their customers, offer brands with purpose, understand the new generations and give importance to materials under sustainability. .

“The importance of materials for the success of fashion businesses is vital. We have to understand that it is not only about the price. Consumers want to know the origin of the materials (…) they are the base and the beginning of everything, they are a large proportion of the brand”.

The industry challenge

“Since the pandemic, the challenge is to understand that there is indeed a change and we must be more attentive to everything. In addition, we are vulnerable and we must take care of each other. Empathy is a very important word that fashion must place in its vocabulary”, concludes Walter Rodrigues.


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