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Iconic singers with dream looks: When pop and style come together.

Fashion has a powerful charm. Not only is it an industry that surely generates great business, it is also a social phenomenon that never ceases to amaze over time.

And it is that the fascinating world of fashion has been in crucial stages of history, being a reflection of social causes, ways of thinking and of course, the visual discourse of iconic figures. Among them, celebrities devoted to music and style.

Let's make a recount with flavor to pop.

michael jackson

He is the king. From the unforgettable red jacket to the white glove, Mr. Jackson's eclectic array of fashions is impressive. In the 80s and 90s, thousands of magazines and television programs were bombarded by his looks: leading glasses, jackets inspired by the world of aviation, metallic garments and an endless number of outfits that accompanied his extensive repertoire in video clips as well as advertising campaigns.


At over 60 years old, Madonna is one of the most representative figures in the music industry and her legacy today makes her a consecrated fashion icon (suffice it to say that one of her biggest hits is Vogue . Yes, an ode to the universe of fashion and diversity, brought to the dance floor). Madonna has proposed it all: the corset designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, clearly inspired by Marilyn Monroe, denim lines or countless outfits signed by designers and luxury brands (Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci, Moschino, Stella McCartney, among others). ).

Spice Girls

What at one time sounded like the most fleeting pop, 25 years later is a phenomenon that carried Girl power as its flag and changed the course of streaming in the music industry: Women were here to stay. Nobody denies that, in addition to their millions of albums sold, one of the most recognizable elements of these five British women were the looks that screamed freedom: animal print, platform, strident colors and even sporty lines.

Lady Gaga

Who can forget the spectacular “Armadillo”? Nobody! The shoes designed by Alexander McQueen that stole the breath of the entire world in his biggest hit: Bad Romance. And the list could go on: A raw meat dress at the MTV Video Music Awards, a -practically- giant star costume, multiple Versace looks, among others.

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