Let's talk customer service

Learn more about this added value and differentiating factor from your competition.

Within the fashion industry, there are various codes that must be applied today to stay in the market. For example, it is not enough to have a new product, with design and innovation, with obligatory quality or a competitive price, it is also necessary to tell a story around it.

Yes, we already know that.

However, beyond any branding exercise and marketing strategies that can be applied, there is an essential topic that is well worth remembering: customer service.

Applied by the company for a product or service, it can become the trigger to close a sale or make the consumer return to generate brand loyalty. Or quite the opposite.

That's how powerful customer service is. To define it, we could understand it as the actions applied at the different meeting points between the company and its target audience.

The objective? Know and face both the needs and expectations of customers, to satisfy and fulfill them in different ways.

It will be useless to have a great commercial strategy, a successful product or service and the best prices on the market, if the customer service is not optimal. In other words, it must facilitate, strengthen and foster the conditions to keep the customer captive and satisfied.

The benefits

An optimal customer service will allow higher sales, loyalty among your customers, direct recommendations (the best advertising!), generate prestige, promote added value, differentiate yourself from the competition, among others.

The challenge

If you have a fashion company, we suggest you pay attention to this issue. Consider that the speech of your collaborators should be an extension of the spirit of your firm, its philosophy and values ​​that it promotes. And, above all, have resolution capacity and great detail towards clients in prospecting, sales, shipments, guarantees, returns, etc.

Do you exhibit at Intermoda?

From January 18 to 21, the 76th edition of this fashion business platform will be held to receive thousands of buyers. If you are one of the exhibiting companies, consider and analyze your customer service.

If you haven't hired your stand yet, it's time to do it. Contact our commercial area to find out about availability!

More information: co.comercial@intermoda.com.mx and (33) 3122.4499 Ext.234

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