autumn is here

The fashion industry begins a new season.

In the same way as nature itself, when the reddish tones in the sky and leaves dress the main avenues of cities, the fashion industry also announces the arrival of a new season.

Yes, as of September 22, 2022 gives the flag to autumn and with it, the fashion sector is preparing to market those garments that for a few weeks have begun to take over all the sideboards worldwide.

Nostalgia is an important point, so the word retro plays an important role in the products that we must market to do great business in the coming months. Reminiscent of the 90s and some flashes of the 2000s, fashion offers products as well as multiple styles.

oversized garments

These are not plus size garments. Be careful, these must be made so that their finishes have an XL appearance but can be placed on all types of bodies with absolute freedom: pants, sweatshirts and t-shirts top the list.

Crop Tops & Tees

The so-called tank tops, as well as the short t-shirts, are a rage that is gaining momentum (perhaps the most interesting since the late 90s). Although the white ones are our favorites, you can market them in all possible colors. They are here to stay and can be combined with an endless number of styles in pants or skirts.

Bold materials and colors

The strident tones also have their place on the sideboards. Although fall throws up nude colors and other neutrals, there is room for those looking for some eclectic details: pinks, greens, and even yellows that still remind us of how much fun summer was. On the other hand, leather and “skin” details also abound, as well as black.

protagonist shoes

From platform sneakers to loafers, to dress pieces that shine on chunky soles, as well as tall or cowboy boots. The footwear becomes the perfect complement to the looks this fall.

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