Bags: successful complement

Market this accessory with the fall/winter 2022 trends

Winter is approaching and with it, a total increase for the fashion industry. The reason? The closing of the year represents one of the best times to market products due to the December holidays.

One of the most profitable, will always be the bag.

Yes, this accessory becomes a perfect complement to be sold on those dates. The reasons are endless; There are ones for women and men, they are found on the market in an endless number of styles, they are necessary to store important belongings and they are more pleasant, as well as easy to give as a gift (for example, unlike shoes or clothing that require a measurement or specific size).

In addition, for those who have a boutique or head the purchasing area of ​​a department store, bags are a key accessory to increase and/or maintain sales.

Well, if you are a fashion lover or you dedicate yourself to the selection of products that must be sold in your company, today we share some of the most relevant trends of the current season for bags:

Authority XL

The great fashion firms worldwide have conquered the catwalks with models that catch the eye due to their large size. The intention is clear: leading pieces ready to fill the space.

garnished by chains

Metal becomes a key flash in both shoes and bags. The list includes wallets and bags; the chains as well as the brooches take the lead in the design of these pieces. More metal, greater the emotion of carrying them.

rain of textures

From faux fur to faux fur in every color, the sensory approach is a plus for those who enjoy giving this key accessory an unrivaled look.

Clutch, the favorite

Also known as a handbag, it is a functional piece with the perfect size to carry the essentials. Just make sure it's chic enough with sheer, quilted, soft, or shiny looks.

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