Intermoda benefits for emerging brands

At Intermoda we have a Trending area, dedicated to emerging talent within the fashion industry.

Your brand can have a space within the exhibition and also obtain great benefits.

We have space for brands or designers that meet the following profile:

Some of the requirements:

  • Brand less than one year old
  • commercially active
  • Creative and innovative proposal
  • Collection with a minimum of 10 garments

Some benefits:

  • Special prices at our stands.
  • Opportunity to project your brand nationally and internationally.
  • Interaction with potential customers on our show floor.
  • Possibility of having diffusion in the media, fashion blogs and on Intermoda's social networks.
  • Access to the activities of the Intermoda program: conferences, catwalks, workshops and special activities.
  • Stand with institutional assembly with measures 3x3 m by 2m high (includes a table, 3 chairs, electrical connection and trash can). The booth number is assigned randomly.

If you are interested, contact the mail or telephone 3331341556 and 3334403594

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