Beauty, the industry after fashion

Meet some designers who bet on the beauty sector with great success

Diversification is possible in the fashion industry. For this reason, it is not strange that in boutiques, concept stores or department stores, we find clothing, footwear, jewelry or accessories, but also beauty products.

Yes, the relationship between the fashion sector and the beauty universe is powerful. The lifestyle of both men and women today increasingly contemplates greater beauty routines as part of health and, of course, with the desire to feel (and look) better.

This is a great business opportunity and today, we put the magnifying glass on some of the fashion designers who achieved great success with this dumbbell at a global level. Get inspired by them:

Thierry Mugler

"Angel" is the name of what is believed to be the best-selling perfume in history and to feed the pride of those of us who love fashion, it is the creation of a French designer: Thierry Mugler. Experts say that it was a revelation for the perfume industry. "Alien" and "Angel nova" are other installments of this firm.

Tom Ford

A visionary from his earliest days. The career of this North American designer has had very high points and proof of this is the launch of Tom Ford Beauty, an exclusive collection of both fragrances and cosmetics that has been on the market for years. He recently launched Enigmatic Woods perfumes.

Victoria Beckham

If fashion with a luxury accent weren't enough, Victoria has launched a shower of products: sports lines with Reebok, collaborations with the giant Target, glasses, jeans and even bags. Oh yes, for some years now her firm Victoria Beckham Beauty has also positioned itself in the world with skincare and makeup lines.

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