Business alliances?

Collaborations can bring great benefits to your fashion company.

The path within the fashion industry will be easier and more successful if it is traveled as a team. Yes, it is impossible to walk alone!

Of course, if you are the entrepreneur of a company that is just beginning to take its first steps, we know that you perform most of the tasks. That is normal and every great firm started with an idea, an exciting impulse and a creative mind like yours.

However, it is important to surround yourself with the right people: ask for advice on trends, touch base with digital marketing experts, investigate the best suppliers, advise you on tax issues, among other strategies that will end up nurturing your project in the short, medium and long term.

The same happens if you already have a solid company: teaming up and making business alliances with other players in the industry is more than necessary.

Regardless of the stage you are in, as a suggestion and inspiration, today we share some points for your reflection:


A strategy used in multiple industries and fashion that cannot (and should not) be left behind. Cobranding is a synergy that regularly occurs between two companies, with the intention of strengthening their positioning and expanding into new markets.

Can you imagine a direct collaboration with your closest competition or, with a company related to your business scheme? For example, if you sell jewelry, perhaps you could source the hardware for a handbag brand.

It will be a win-win.

special collections

If your company has an industrial accent, design will always be a good ally. Why not collaborate with a creative who can bring freshness to your proposals? Illustrators, plastic artists, fashion designers or graphic designers can strengthen your prints, product designs or the launch of special collections.

Your design in large distribution

If, on the other hand, you are the designer and you have an exclusive firm, you could well explore the possibility of partnering with powerful companies. Your creativity is the most powerful key.

Of course, you should not sacrifice the DNA of your firm, it is about allowing more people to know your work under a commercial and massive approach.

An alliance of this magnitude could bring you economic benefits, dissemination and of course, a different business experience.

In conclusion, business alliances can give you extremely interesting competitive advantages. Dare yourself.




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Haydee Muro

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