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What is the Trending Pavilion?

What is the Trending Pavilion?

It is the exhibition platform for designers, emerging talents, collectives and consolidated firms in the fashion industry, which promotes the generation of business with specialized buyers, under its own DNA and a safe networking environment.

Buyer profile

Buyer profile

-61% are boutiques , chain stores and department stores.

-39% belong to concept stores and independent merchants.

-80% are owners and/or CEOs.

-51% are between 26 and 45 years old.

-National buyers and from 18 countries .

Participate in the call!

Participate in the call!

Trending brings together three specific profiles: Designers IM, Premium IM and Collective IM. We invite you to identify which profile you belong to:

Designers IM

-Have a registered trademark with an age of 2 to 10 years

-Innovative and commercially grounded proposal.

-Have a collection of at least 13 garments.

-Ability to reproduce your collection 3 to 5 times monthly.

-Have RFC.

IM collectives

-Association registered with antiquity of 5 years.

-Minimum 4 brands, maximum 6 with innovative design proposals.

-Each designer must have a collection of at least 13 garments.

-Have RFC.
Premium IM

Consolidated designer firms in the market. Your participation has a prior invitation from Intermoda.

¡Contrata tu stand!

¡Contrata tu stand!

Pilar Manrique | Coordinadora de Trending y Emprende IM

Tel: (33) 31 22 44 99 ext. 225 / WhatsApp: 33 34 40 35 94