Emprende IM Pavilion | exhibitors

Emprende IM is the space for those brands with a commercial profile that have recently joined the fashion sector. In this pavilion, we bring together projects that seek to produce industrially in the medium or long term.

Aimed at enterprises that are looking for a business platform and that meet the following requirements:
-Commercial proposal focused on the fashion industry.
-Maximum age of 5 years.
-Have RFC.


-Special price at stand with 80% support.

-Stand with institutional assembly, measuring 3.60 x 3.60 x 2 high (includes a table, 3 chairs, electrical connection and trash can).

-Training on entrepreneurship, given by specialists.

-Key location within Intermoda : Salón Guadalajara, a space where experiences such as IM Talks , Trend Zone , among others, take place.

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Buyer profile

Buyer profile

-61% are boutiques , chain stores and department stores.

-39% belong to concept stores and independent merchants.

-80% are owners and/or CEOs.

-51% are between 26 and 45 years old.

-National buyers and from 18 countries .

Más información

Más información

Lic. Pilar Manrique | Coordinadora de Trending y Emprende

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