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What is the Footwear Pavilion?

What is the Footwear Pavilion?

It is the Intermoda space where fashion footwear pieces converge. That is, the specialized area to display various lines: Lady, gentleman, children, beach, formal, casual, ceremonies, among others.

Buyer profile

Buyer profile

-61% are boutiques , chain stores and department stores.

-39% belong to concept stores and independent merchants.

-80% are owners and/or CEOs.

-51% are between 26 and 45 years old.

-National buyers and from 18 countries .

Hire your booth!

Hire your booth!

booth format

-Aluminum structure (3.6 mx 3.6 mx 2.5 m high).

-5 mm white chipboard partition.

-Vinyl cut label in black color and Arial type font. Does not include logo.

Cost: $36,650.00 pesos plus VAT.

Lic. Angélica Flores / Business Executive

WhatsApp: 33 27 84 8663 /