And after the pandemic?

New buying habits are manifesting around the world. Consider it and get inspired.

Since the COVID 19 health contingency became a forceful reality in every corner of the world, all industries faced challenges that put the creativity of their entrepreneurs to the test.

Fashion, of course, was one of them.

Within this industry, who was still hesitating to have a complement to the commercialization of their business in electronic commerce, had to give in and implement marketing strategies in the digital context as well as perfect the distribution of their products and follow the letter. , the government requirements for the opening of physical points of sale.

Given this context, consolidated businessmen, industrialists, designers, entrepreneurs, marketers, organizing committees and all those who make up the broad value chain of the fashion sector worked for economic reactivation.

However, the change also happened among buyers. Globally, various investigations and studies by specialists have shown that consumers also demonstrated new purchasing habits after social confinement:

Smarter purchases (that is, not making a purchase for mere satisfaction, but out of necessity or good, conscious investment), acquisition of more sustainable and environmentally friendly products, openness to digital purchases, as well as preference for those garments whose origin or manufacture demonstrate greater social responsibility.

This has been accentuated since March 2020 to date. More than two years since then, today we can confirm that although physical purchases have not disappeared and that the sensory part of fashion remains in style, we do face a more reflective and demanding customer.

The question is done. Today, what actions should you take to connect with that new buyer?

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