Ada Jolly from Fashion Snoops, shares her vision and experience at Intermoda

What characterizes the trends of the 2021-2022 cycle?

“First, we are waking up to the need to reach out to unite and embrace our differences, led by Generation Z.

Another trend is the growing awareness of our "moral" relationship with the Earth; To live a virtuous life, we commit to cooperation, mindfulness, and reverence for nature.

The third trend leads us to the search for personal well-being through technological innovations and the fourth tells us about this technology (...) the new generations merge reality with the virtual and this causes a huge change in consumption”.

Fashion Snoops pays special attention to feelings…

"Yes, we detected 4 Cultural Sentiments per season, which are the result of the analysis of those global emotions that are influencing and will translate into consumer trends."

You were a speaker at Intermoda 74, with an in-person and digital audience. How did you live the experience?

“I missed giving a face-to-face talk so much! For me the interaction with my listeners is very important; see them, hear their questions and have feedback right there. I think they are more productive for everyone”.

What was the main message of your presentation?

"The fashion business is evolving, previously it was thought to be "dictatorial" and now we see that we are all consumers with emotions, we are more aware of what is important in a purchasing decision such as sustainability, ethics, empathy and transcendence of our decisions when buying a product”.

What do you think about Trend Zone?

"It is a very good proposal for buyers, exhibitors and the general public to assimilate trends with materials, accoutrements and finished product proposals".

For those who work in the fashion sector and are not yet familiar with this platform, what are its main benefits?

“We are an extension of our clients' work team; We support designers, buyers, marketing and management to make successful decisions with the support of Fashion Space. We offer content from consumer behavior to key pieces, color combinations, runway analysis and more.”

What message would you give to the entrepreneurs and businessmen of the fashion industry in Mexico for this 2021?

“Make synergies, there is no longer competition as such! We have to get rid of that ill-conceived idea; work with local materials and products: “Glocal”. And consider sustainability throughout the design, production and marketing process to the greatest extent possible. It is a “must” to have a conscience of reusable ethics”.

Contact: ada@fashionsnoops.com

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