A contemporary jewelry firm with a sculptural accent

Intermoda also brings together jewelry brands, including the Tuna Jewel Project. The firm, originally from Guadalajara and present in the market since 2018, is committed to a minimalist language in the area of ​​New Talents.

Founded by Rubén Mora and Cuitláhuac Correa, who coordinate and direct the entire project, the firm brings together a team made up of creatives, designers, and artisans.

The foregoing translates into pieces made of .925 silver, in addition, part of his recent collection has a sophisticated 18-karat gold plating that provides beautiful experimentation.

“Tuna is a minimalist jewelry brand, which is based on the reflection of the succession of a point, from which we create geometric and linear forms, which refer to architecture and sculptural pieces”, explain its founders.

With a wide line of options, among the favorite jewels of its clients are those that respond to the multi-piercing trend, characterized by being small and avant-garde pieces. Those of great size and at the same time light also stand out, since visually they generate a striking total look .

Tuna in Intermoda

As an exhibiting brand in New Talents in the Trending pavilion, the firm has found a showcase “that has allowed us to introduce the project in the national fashion framework. Our participations have meant having a presence with the aim of seeking platforms to promote the brand”, they highlight.

Plans for 2021

The Tuna Jewel Project team is willing to implement commercial strategies to strengthen the brand and, at the same time, enter the digital universe.

For this 2021, it will continue to generate designs that respond to the needs of its clients and the current era. "All this protected with the philosophy of a responsible company with the environment", they point out.



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