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The press kit is the first step to achieve a publication about your fashion project. 

When the media dedicate a space within their editorial products to a brand, they are showered with benefits. immediate sales  They are always on that list.

And it is that not everything is to sell. Of course, we know that the most important thing to be in an industry is to make the cash register ring and the transactions frequent, in other words, to close deals.

However, there are multiple ways to boost a fashion project that are not necessarily related to generating a quick sale. For example? Prestige, recognition and, as marketing experts say, “make a brand”.

Best of all, the sum of all these efforts is finally aimed at creating the conditions to benefit the business and, of course, sell.

Precisely, one of the tools that can help you with that is the press kit.

A powerful tool

Through communication, your company, firm or fashion project has the possibility of projecting itself, making its products known and positioning itself among the target market to which they are directed. Therefore, the media kit or press kit is a first step that you should know.

This is information organized in -preferably- digital format that includes attractive texts and photographs. For example, you can talk about what inspires your project, to whom and why it is directed, as well as images of your most recent collection, editorial or pieces.

Another aspect that the media may be interested in is the characteristics that make your company different. Ask yourself, are you recognized for being socially responsible? Do you employ specific communities or sectors of the population? Do you incorporate sustainable processes or materials? Do you collaborate with a designer? etc

Yes, the press kit will allow you not only to inspire, but also to inform about the functionality, competitive advantages and other relevant data that make your commercial proposal unique.

In other words, a guide to telling the story that deserves to be published in a specialized fashion media outlet.

The recommendation? Generate a generic document and update it frequently, it will help you communicate whenever necessary. Of course, if you are about to launch a new product, open a point of sale or prepare a collection, you can send a specific press kit that includes a newsletter and, as we have explained, high-impact photographs.

And most importantly, generate a list of the media (digital and traditional) that you would like to reach, research the source or fashion section as well as the contact of the editor or reporter behind it.

Although no one guarantees that the media will replicate your information, remember that your perseverance and quality of the material will be essential to achieve this (we are sure that your company and each product you sell can tell a story). Much success!

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