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Relationship marketing will help you retain the buyer

A relationship is built solidly over time, through different efforts that generate trust and benefits. Within the commercial world, the same thing happens and both the company and the buyer are in a process of exchange.

If you have a fashion firm, there are different strategies that will help you build customer loyalty (yes, a true long-term relationship). Among them, relationship marketing is one of the most significant.

What is it about? Well, it is a series of strategies that give priority to your specialized buyer, not the product. These have the objective of offering you value at all times and generating a formidable experience in all your contact points with the company.

To explain it more simply, relationship marketing is about concrete actions that accompany the buyer. Not only to sell you a hot product or service within the industry, but to make you feel very special (as a result, you will achieve more sales in the short and medium term).

Some examples of this type of marketing applied by your work team:

Comprehensive customer service

For example, a post-sale call or an email will allow you to thank your purchase, ask how your experience with the product or service was, as well as the points of improvement that you suggest to offer you a better experience on your next purchase.

Trusted Contexts

Ask your client, from different platforms, what they are looking for, what worries them, what you can improve, what they would like to find, how was their sale with the final client, etc. If he feels listened to, there is a greater chance that he will stay with you and not look for another provider.

value content

If you have a blog on your website, it generates specialized articles in the fashion sector, with real recommendations. Another palpable strategy is found in social networks, for example, you can generate infographics, videos or attractive images related to the business of your company (don't just talk about your products, but the universe that surrounds you), a podcast or YouTube channel are also welcome.

beyond sales

Congratulations on a birthday, anniversaries, special dates such as the New Year or Father's Day, among others, are some of the days that you will have to mark on your personalized calendar for each client.

Product customization

From an agenda to pens, thermoses, packaging, shopping bags, among other useful items, they must bear the logo of your company. These can be given to your customer as a reward for a certain number of purchases or a special occasion. Reward your loyalty.


Remember, a client who has had a good experience through your fashion company will stay. Apply relationship marketing and strengthen long-term successful relationships!

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