We tell you why you should know about this proposal within Intermoda.

In addition to being a business meeting between specialists in the fashion sector, Intermoda also offers an attractive program that includes conferences, fashion exhibitions and, of course, the Trend Zone.

If you are an exhibitor or a buyer, this proposal will enrich your visit and will be very useful for your project.

What is it?

A space to know and confirm the trends of the fashion industry. That is, you will discover materials, textures, colors, suppliers, innovation and sustainability, finished products in accessories, bags, footwear and clothing, as well as information on what moves and inspires fashion worldwide.

What is it for?

Having an approach with this information will allow you to make better decisions about the product you design, produce, market or buy. In other words, you will be able to make an evaluation of the value proposition of your project in the fashion business.

Trend Zone at IM 74

At Intermoda 74, held from January 19 to 22, 2021, this space had important allies that included Fashion Snoops, the important international platform for trends, research and consulting, as well as Jeanología, a company specialized in the development of sustainable technologies. for the finishing industry.

About the trends

Fashion Snoops offered an overview of the 2021-2022 cycle, talking about the need that the fashion industry has had in the face of a reality that demands flexibility, resilience and creativity.

To do this, he proposed the Rebirth, Essential and Nourish trends. If you want to know them in detail, we have prepared a summary that you can consult here.


During the 75th edition of Intermoda, to be held next July, Trend Zone will return with a proposal that will captivate you. Do not miss it!

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