Trench coat: fashion icon

Thomas Burberry created it over a century ago. Learn why this garment has great meaning.

The trench coat is a clear example of functionality and pure elegance. This garment not only gives character to the look, it also protects from inclement weather (rain, for example) and does so -for the most part- with total lightness.

Those have been some of the reasons that make this piece of fashion one of the most used in the world for decades. However, when the trench coat bears the Burberry label, there is an added value based on history, tradition and, of course, design.

We explain why...

Thomas Burberry (1835, United Kingdom) founded his brand just after 20 years of age. His vision, tenacity and perhaps some coincidences in life allowed him to create the gabardine fabric that continues to give the firm a luxury status to this day and which has also been replicated around the world from other perspectives.

One of the most relevant moments came in 1914, when the designer received a request to manufacture a garment as resistant as it was waterproof for soldiers in the middle of World War I (hence the trench concept).

For this reason, to talk about the trench coat or a Burberry (honor to whom it deserves!), is to talk about an object of British desire that refuses to disappear. Today, the firm continues its legacy and through different creative visions, continues to provide new models and interpretations of the trench coat, but always respecting the essence and elegance of the brand.

From the iconic honey color to the blackest possible, trench coats are a true must for fashion lovers.

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