All sizes!

Including diverse sizes in your commercial proposal will increase your market.

Gone was the fashion industry that only worked with extremely thin silhouettes. For some years now, the appearance of larger sizes has not only happened in the commercial proposal, but also in the image of the firms from the point of view of marketing and communication.

Yes, the diversity of bodies is a reality and as players in the fashion sector, it is our responsibility to be able to satisfy all the needs of our clients. As well as presenting the inclusion of multiple bodies in each strategy, especially at a time when staying positive in the face of different expressions is the most natural thing to do.

Therefore, today we place the magnifying glass on the so-called plus size market. According to various agencies that study consumer behavior, as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, various international anchor firms included larger sizes in their commercial lines as well as in their advertising campaigns.

For the first time, the entire market was at home at the same time and in front of mobile devices that allowed them to shop instantly. Although there are firms that had specialized exclusively in serving plus-size women and men for years, the opportunity to reach them presented itself in 2020 with force for those who were not yet paying attention.

Fortunately, this dynamic continues and today more and more brands serve this important (and real) growing market. Fashion should inspire anyone, no matter what size they are, offering on-trend garments in numerous styles.

If you will be an exhibitor at Intermoda 78 from January 17 to 20, 2023 , we invite you to increase your product line with all possible sizes. If you already do it or specialize in curvier silhouettes, you undoubtedly have a great competitive advantage.

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