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How is your point of sale? Make sure you reflect a value proposition.

The retail universe has great challenges. When it comes to selling to the final consumer, one of the most relevant is the physical point of sale.

Although electronic commerce continues to strengthen, direct sales in stores, boutiques, concept stores, and even shopping malls continue to be a reality that is far from disappearing. Of course, forced to evolve and propose new codes that surprise.

After the pandemic, many things have changed, but the desire to interact and build community grows with determination.

Therefore, if you have a physical point of sale or you want to strengthen your marketing chain with a space, you should consider multiple aspects that respond to that reality.

And to guide you a bit, we have prepared some recommendations:

  1. Remember that your store must be special. We are facing a buyer who spends a good part of his time in front of the screen, why should he visit your store? Well, make sure that the space is the opportunity to experience the brand up close. In other words, the opportunity to live the brand promise and your value proposition.
  1. Pay attention to the setting: From the music to the aromas, going through the lighting and the atmosphere of the place and even the temperature. Did you know that there are boutiques that bet on fragrance marketing? Choose the scent that best suits the personality of your brand.
  1. Health safety is very important. Buyers want to feel and be secure; follow the instructions marked by the authorities of your city and consider the distribution of both your merchandise and each of the protocols.

  1. The creativity of the windows is essential. What story are you going to tell to present your products? The characteristics of your display must be attractive enough to catch the attention of the buyer and make him fall in love so that he decides to enter your store.
  1. Take advantage of digital communication. In an instant you can communicate to your community of buyers and followers the benefits of visiting the physical point of sale: promotions, exclusive products and other business strategies.
  1. The imagination is the limit. If you have a physical store, then you have a meeting point to let your creativity fly.

And in the exhibitions?

Specialized fairs, such as Intermoda, continue to grow stronger and attract thousands of buyers. Therefore, your stand is also the opportunity to generate a shopping experience.

Remember, Intermoda 76 will take place from January 18 to 21, 2022 . Get ready!

If you wish to purchase a stand, our commercial area will assist you and answer your questions: co.comercial@intermoda.com.mx / (33) 3122 4499 Ext.234

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