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Four unmissable garments to combat the cold and strengthen your fashion business

As of December 21, winter officially arrives. That means two things for the fashion industry: products in tune with the colder season and the reactivation of sales for the end of the year holidays.

If you have a fashion business or you are a lover of trends, we have prepared a buying/selling guide that will help you close 2022 and start 2023 with successful style.

oversized vests

If in the autumn this piece took over the Street style, today it reaffirms its place and importance. You can find it in its most formal delivery possible to create a balance between the elegant and the casual, or in classic fabrics and materials that will help you counteract the low temperatures.

tall and mighty

These are the boots that you should use or market immediately. Shoes have become a very important complement to any look, but if they arrive as boots with the desire to reach the knee, the result will be better. Patent leather, cowgirls, in strident tones, etc. Let them see each other!

Natural glow

Jewelry with figurative elements is in trend. For example, flowers, plants or reproduction of animals in lines that may or may not include precious metals, as well as the combination with natural stones and chains in different heights or sizes, generate maxi accessories that have one goal: to dazzle!

Trench coats, of course

They have never disappeared from the closet and we doubt they ever will. The truth is that this winter 2022/2023, this garment has gained importance due to its ability to enhance any outfit. Pair it with tall boots, vests underneath, or even a simple sweater that can serve as a canvas for that favorite piece of jewelry.

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