marine trend

This 2022 fashion continues to be inspired by the aquatic world. See some examples.

Specialized magazines, trend providers and the feed of the most fashionistas around the world have made it clear: the sea is the inspiration since summer 2021. And this trend, fortunately, continues strongly this year.

If you want to be inspired, we invite you to imagine that you are on the beach and the sun touches your skin to tell you stories full of style. We start:

blue on skin

The blue shades have been present in multiple editorials in the most beautiful publications in the world, but also in the streets under a more discreet version. In addition, thin lines to achieve a perfect outline and even applications of pearls can also be seen in makeup trends.

Networks and more networks

Urban fashion has welcomed nets of all colors on shirts and applications on both jackets and pants. On the other hand, dresses full of femininity for hot and rainy days have also welcomed the networks in all their possible forms.

treasures of the sea

In addition to the pearls that obviously have their origin in the aquatic context, corals and shells of various sizes are placed in necklaces, earrings and of course rings. In addition, raw stones combined with leather and handcrafted materials transport us to beach afternoons full of beauty.


Let's swim in style!

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