Synergy for your business

A good work team and alliances will be the difference in your company.

The business world has undergone an impressive change in the last -almost- two years. The pandemic revolutionized the way of all processes: sales channels, prospecting, communication, interaction, suppliers, etc.

But the changes were not only towards the outside of the organizations, but also inside. The work dynamics in multiple companies opted for a hybrid format and others unfortunately faced downsizing.

Faced with this scenario, paying attention to your human capital today is more than relevant.

The optimization of resources, as well as the generation of a successful strategy in the work team behind your fashion project, today can be the difference to achieve your goals.

Therefore, today we offer you some recommendations related to your collaborators:

  • Sensitize the team . Aspects such as creativity and understanding are essential. That is also a suggestion for you, the current pandemic invites us to flexibility and empathy.
  • Professionalism and respect. It may seem like a cliché to you, but good manners are also related to the substance of all processes.
  • Motivation (even at a distance). Part of your vision and leadership should focus on generating strategies that provide motivation to your team regardless of the circumstance. The work environment has undergone changes, but any evolution can bring great opportunities: discover them together.
  • Bet on recognition. Valuing your work team will also have an impact on your company; Recognizing the particular talent of a collaborator will invite them to continue on that path and will inspire the rest to give their best.
  • Common benefit. Although the specialization and professionalization of each position profile is essential, no one is greater than the rest. In other words, the company is the whole and each one of the members -including you- must seek the common good. Your team must always work in the same direction!
  • Look for alliances . Teaming up with other organizations, companies and associations will strengthen you. It's time to join clusters that are looking for the same thing as you.

Heading to Intermoda!

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If you are a buyer, hundreds of national and even foreign companies will offer you fashion products in multiple categories.

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