Tailoring: Trade of yesteryear

Tailor-made fashion through an activity that prevails over time 

In the historic centers and traditional neighborhoods of some Mexican cities, there are businesses that raise their curtains every day as they did decades ago. Tailors are an example of this.

Although it is increasingly difficult to find this service within the urban landscape, some businesses still survive thanks to the loyalty of customers who have followed them since their glorious years or who have just discovered the benefits of sartorial art.

The origin

In general terms, it is believed that this trade originated in countries such as Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom, where the royal court as well as its closest workers dressed with total elegance.

After the arrival of the Spaniards to Aztec land and the colonization, the customs as well as European styles came with force to what we know today as Mexico; fashion adapted but for centuries, it followed the vein of experts from the old continent in techniques and different knowledge.

The benefits

Going to the tailor is the guarantee of obtaining a tailored suit or some pieces that undoubtedly become exclusive. The most important? A wide list of options in terms of fabrics, materials and other details that will turn the order into a garment ready to stay in the wardrobe for many years.

Under this premise, tailor shops experienced a heyday for decades in our country, until in the eighties and nineties, the rise of other commercial proposals within the fashion industry began to have a natural notoriety.

the present

Today tailor shops generally offer two very specific services. The first of these is the repair of garments, especially jackets, blazers, complete suits, pants and various pieces of clothing.

On the other hand, it maintains its original DNA: shaping pieces from scratch for those who want something tailored and above all, different from everything on the market; including fabric customization and other exciting processes.

It is no secret that the experts in this art are beginning to be fewer in number and that the new generations know little about the trade, therefore, we invite you : May your next visit be to the tailor!

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