Social networks? choose them well

The digital presence of your company is important. Know which ones can boost your company.

Marketing strategies are constantly changing. Today it is impossible to think that a business can survive with traditional advertising dynamics; For this reason, despite the resistance to change that any manager or work team presents, betting on innovation is essential.

Part of the actions that the new marketing and communication trends demand include social networks.

However, although there are multiple options, not all of them are ideal for your project. We invite you to learn about some of them and reflect on which ones contribute to your business model, the personality of your brand, as well as those that connect with your customers:


The business world is present in this network. Professionals and companies share content, generate connections, etc. The platform will not only give a professional sense to your business, but also multiple benefits.


Like the website, a Facebook profile is almost mandatory. Because? This social network has become another search engine for users, perhaps the main ones. In addition, it offers you the possibility of creating a page for your company, where you can interact with customers regardless of their location. Undoubtedly, a way to establish communication in a -practically- instantaneous way.


Fashion is a highly visual industry in its communication, therefore, it is an essential social network. Through photographs and short videos you will be able to "tell stories" about your fashion products, the looks that are generated from them as well as their details and materials.

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