Who is your client?

We tell you the variables that will help you to know it better.

If you have a fashion venture or a consolidated company within this sector, you surely have demanding clients.

The fashion buyer, in addition to a profit margin, also seeks new products, trends and of course quality (a must).

However, behind their purchase decisions there are a series of codes that will help you understand why they purchase certain products and even why they do so at a certain time or place.

This, within marketing, is known as market segmentation. And it is that your universe of buyers shares characteristics, but also has elements that make them different from each other or that allow you to recognize them by subgroups with a certain similarity.

This division will provide you with important information to establish better communication with them and also implement better marketing strategies to connect with them or what better, increase the sales process.

To achieve this, we share some variables that, when answered, will offer you solid tools to get to know them better:

demographic variables

For example: Gender, age, generation, marital status, profession and education are some of the points.

behavioral variables

Lifestyle, social aspirations, image, purchase motives and interests will help you generate a more specific profile.

benefit variables

Seeking profit in each product, purchase volume and brand loyalty make up this last group of variables.

Remember, information is powerful and its mastery will give you more opportunities to enhance each of your business processes.

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