What fashion does mom want?

Comfortable, functional and trendy. These are the garments that accompany the day of the current mother

The lifestyle of most people who are parents of young children is currently characterized by one rule: Make the most of time.

Achieving a balance between professional, personal and family aspects can be a challenge for both men and women going through this stage. For this reason, fashion can become an ally that adds practicality and at the same time, style.

Regarding May 10, Mother's Day in Mexico and other nations, today we place the magnifying glass on some garments that are highly sought after by the women's market at this stage:

All terrain!

Denim can be found in various pieces: pants, jackets, skirts, and shirts. Without a doubt, comfortable outfits that combine with practically everything. Your value proposition? Very resistant.

absolute steps

Fortunately, the international footwear trend is still giving way to sneakers. These sporty accent pieces can make the perfect duo with both casual and formal looks. They look amazing!

punctual comfort

Cotton garments are usually soft and practical, in addition, they exist in an infinite number of colors to complement any look and face any situation where you have to be presentable but comfortable.

Who said cool?

Sandals combined with shorts are the best. A fresh look that allows you to face the hustle and bustle of the day and combat summer days with all the necessary comfort.

beautiful and vaporous

Finally, our recommendation is for short dresses. With a casual accent, the trend of multiple prints and details that include bows or knots in the front, as well as overzized cuts are charming.

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