What does a fashion coordinator do?

A talent that you should include in your company or network of contacts.

When you run a fashion company, attention to detail is a constant in all processes. Yes, fashion is an industry that contemplates multiple aspects ranging from manufacturing quality to creativity in marketing garments.

For this reason, starting a business within this sector will require developing an infinite number of skills to face each challenge and, of course, generating alliances or teaming up with talents that complement your activity.

One of them is elementary, it is the fashion coordinator. But what is it and what does it do? Well, the answer is not entirely simple, since its figure within the organization or external contracting can fulfill different tasks depending on the objective to be achieved.

We can establish that a fashion coordinator is an expert or connoisseur of trends; this creative requires a clinical eye on what is happening in their local and international context, what are the changes in society (remember, fashion is a reflection of events over time), as well as the way in which the rest of people watch and understand fashion.

And therefore, the place of your commercial proposal within the market.

This general and constant vision of the fashion coordinator can help your company to project the commercial proposal more clearly or sell it better. That being said, a fashion coordinator can:

-Help you generate a better fashion campaign. From the launch of a product to the positioning of a special collection; what the key pieces are, how to display them and what other accessories to combine them with will be part of your creative responsibilities.

-Guide you when choosing the right models to star in a campaign or fashion catalogue. As well as gathering the rest of the creative team that will achieve images or videos about your fashion product: photographers, makeup artists, hairdressers, etc.

-Generate creative concepts that add to or strengthen strategies developed by other departments, including marketing, communication, etc.

These are just some of the possibilities that a fashion coordinator can do for your venture or consolidated company within this brilliant industry.

Undoubtedly, contemplating their participation will allow you to professionalize processes with great benefits.

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