What is sensory marketing?

We present you an important tool for your fashion business

Your company or fashion project may have the best products, the most innovative designs and even the most competitive prices on the market. However, if your client does not have a good experience in any of their contacts with your brand: nothing matters.

And before that severe statement, we will explain ourselves. Well, recent studies in the field of marketing have shown that consumers have placed total importance not only on acquiring a product or service, but also on having a good experience.

There, the opportunities for fashion are endless. These experiences can be offered to attack the senses (sight, touch, smell, etc.), but also the heart. Yes, emotions play an extremely important role in increasing sales at points of sale (and even online).

For this reason, today we carry out a specific review, but useful to give you more ideas about the strategies that you can apply derived from sensory marketing to strengthen your company:

drive emotions

The connection with your client can also be emotional. They can believe in your brand, in your service and why not, in what you represent or the causes you follow. Remember, emotions are relevant in the marketing universe.

pleasant aromas

If when entering a physical point of sale the aroma is delicious, your client will have one more reason to visit the store. Brands around the world know this and have matched their scents in their different spaces, no matter where they are located.

The view!

Of course, in fashion, catching through the eye is a must. In addition to the products and their distribution through window dressing strategies, you should also pay attention to other tools such as your own website or social networks. If you achieve visually attractive platforms, you also add value to your company or brand.


Yes, beyond digitization, the fashion industry also has great opportunities in experiences that will never go away: catwalks, trade fairs, performance, launch cocktails, etc. Buyers seek to interact with their suppliers and, above all, to know/touch the product they are going to purchase!

Let's get to work, sensory marketing is here to stay.

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