consumption preferences

What is your client looking for and how do they want to acquire it?

We know, running a fashion company is a big and constant challenge; The fashion industry has consumers in constant change, with demands and multiple preferences.

Given this context, adaptation and prompt response have become the pillars for businesses to continue afloat in a new reality where competition is increasing.

For this reason, today we put the magnifying glass on a topic that will help you reflect and better understand both your current and potential customers: consumer preferences.

More ethical, more responsible

For them, buying is not a quick or impulsive exercise. These customers are looking for garments with higher quality and durability, but above all, those with less impact on the environment as well as fairer manufacturing processes. Can your company meet these points? It is better to achieve it.

Fast, clear and practical

All the information (and fashion) is one click away. From a desktop computer to a smartphone, purchases happen at any time and through countless devices; For this reason, facilitating the acquisition of fashion products through digital platforms, making shipping dates known, as well as establishing easy steps for this process, is a constant that you must assume if you want to be competitive.

Shopping with sense

Through this space we have talked about the importance of offering value to your customers. One way to do it is through content, so do not hesitate to transmit through images, videos and other innovative strategies everything that your company does beyond sales (do you support a community? Do you have a new Collaboration at the door? Do you help third parties? It is better to communicate it, it may be the reason why buyers prefer you).

yes, sensory

Fashion firms cannot ignore their sensory part. In other words, although online sales are a very important complement, there is no comparison when touching and trying on the garment. Offer physical points of sale or centers where the meeting point between your client and product is possible.

A universe of clients

Finally, we come to a very important point: trends. Our suggestion is that you can cover a wide range of products, from those positioned in the market to proposals that, although they may be fleeting, will serve as a hook to attract new buyers and provide novelties to your business lines.

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