Pearls, classic reinvented

Your fashion business should include them in jewelry or accessories. We tell you how. 

We have seen them in old paintings, in the jewelry of royalty and of course, in our grandmothers' drawers as well as on the windows of all jewelry stores or fashion stores over the years.

But why have pearls never gone out of style? Perhaps it is due to their natural beauty or the simple fact that they provide an aura of elegance. The truth is that, without stealing the limelight, pearls are a perfect complement to all styles, even the most contemporary.

Today, the pearls live a reinvention that falls in love. And we find them in jewelry or accessories that scream modernity and even total ease.

Funny Games

Have you imagined pearls combined with dice, happy faces and acrylic hearts? Well, the time has come to do it through short necklaces and bracelets that bring together all these elements. A kitch mix as fun as it is free that takes over urban fashion.


Pearls have a special place in all kinds of hoops turned into earrings. Yes, not just the classic designs, but in every way possible. From metals in their most geometric form to abstract figures, any proposal in the ear seems to wear them well in this 2022.

big, very big

One of the most relevant trends that the world of accessories and jewelry has experienced has been offering large pieces. That trend refuses to go away and we see pearls as part of large-scale necklaces or maxi earrings, as well as bracelets with the most gigantic pearls possible.


Did you know…

Pearls are gems that have their origin in nature and as we have pointed out, they have been highly accepted among fashion lovers for decades.

Although they can be found in various species of molluscs, currently most of the pearls that are traded are cultivated.

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