This Jalisco project presented its new collection at Fashion Space

It was in 2016 when in Ayotlán, Jalisco, a place known for its textile industry, the Pêche brand was born. With a clear evolution over time, today its proposal is based on women's clothing with a formal accent.

With a large team led by Melissa Bermúdez and Paúl Tabárez, the brand is characterized by its unique elements in each of its pieces: "We believe that the details that we include in each piece are what characterize us as a brand, we love that a woman feel feminine with our firm but also feel trendy and wear quality garments and a design proposal designed for that special occasion”, they explain.

With multiple materials in each of its collections, for the brand there is a favorite element: jacquard, because in the words of the team, it gives a touch of elegance and opulence to their designs. Of course, when talking about her most positioned pieces among her clients, Pêche assures that maxi dresses have earned a special place.

Its evolution in Intermoda

Like other brands with an emphasis on design in Mexico, Pêche began at the Trending Pavilion and since then its development in the national fashion industry has been unstoppable.

“We grew up with Intermoda. It has been a great experience, we have been able to see the evolution that has developed. We are very grateful to Intermoda for the support it has given us, thanks to that we have been able to grow and reach more customers throughout the Republic”.

Recently, the brand presented its work at Fashion Space, the first and only hybrid platform for the fashion sector in our country. For them, "it was very exciting to participate in a concept different from what had been done before (...) it was a great tool to project the brand, especially in these times of Covid where we understand that the use of platforms has become essential for any sector”, they share.

Your recommendation

For those entrepreneurs who want to start on the right foot in the Mexican fashion industry, the Pêche team invites you to join: It is the perfect setting to start, no matter the size of your business, the important thing is that you start on a platform that will allow you to reach your market and your goals. It is an opportunity for growth that we have undoubtedly experienced in the five years that we have been presenting ourselves in this exhibition”, they explain.

Your plans for 2021

With a beautiful spring collection, Pêche is currently working on a collection that will debut in summer, as well as a new winter installment that will be presented at the next edition of Intermoda.



Instagram: @peche_design


You too can exhibit at Intermoda!

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If you are an entrepreneur and have a design approach, contact the Trending area:

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On the other hand, the Dama Pavilion is also one of the best options to boost your business. For more information, contact:

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