In Mexico, more than 300 million pairs have been consumed in a year, therefore, selling shoes is a profitable option

The clothing, jewelry and footwear industry are extremely strong in Mexico. The foregoing is not surprising, various states of the Republic lead the lists of its production, export and, of course, consumption.

For this reason, our country has seen the development of different companies that generate commercial lines of shoes for various markets, as well as designers who have found a creative canvas in this area to form their company.

Yes, there is a market eager for proposals. On the one hand, there are consumers looking for trendy options; men and women who buy fashion through shoes with current designs. On the other hand, there is the more traditional market.

For him, classic and functional pieces are essential to acquire such a necessary piece in the wardrobe. Of course, specialized lines: sports, bridal, gala, children and other categories are added to the list.

According to media such as Forbes and Mundo Ejecutivo, Mexico has managed to consume up to 331 million pairs of shoes in a year. In conclusion, marketing this product is a profitable option.

Intermoda: The place for the economic revival of the fashion industry

If you have a shoe company or want to start in this market, Intermoda is the ideal exhibition for you.

The reason? After the pandemic, Intermoda has maintained its place as the most important exhibition of the fashion sector in Latin America. Hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of buyers have found the viability to do safe business thanks to the high health security protocols.

In its next edition from July 20 to 23, Intermoda will have attractive proposals through an area dedicated to accessories and footwear.

For more information about this pavilion, you can contact the commercial area of ​​Intermoda by calling (33) 3134.1557 or by sending an email to comercial@intermoda.com.mx

If you are a buyer, you can now register to attend Intermoda here:


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