Paris: epicenter of fashion

The city of light is a style lover's delight.

The historical relevance, the beauty of its streets, boutiques and, of course, the importance within the current fashion sector make this metropolis a true delight for fashion lovers.

It is said that this French city began to be considered one of the fashion capitals in Europe and the whole world since the also known as the sun king, Louis XIV, showed interest in luxury items and the universe of beauty, not only to dress his court but to demonstrate the potential of his country for said industry in the middle of the 17th century.

Since then, part of the cultural, social and economic value of France has translated into a constant global contribution from the point of view of fashion; Today, visiting its capital is like entering a true museum full of beauty.

in every corner

Walking through its streets you will find extremely glamorous treasures. During fashion week, designers, models, photographers, journalists and an endless number of talents visit Paris to present or learn about the new collections that will dictate the coming season. Buildings like the Grand Palais or the Palais Royal have seen very important parades.

a real museum

The Paris Fashion Museum or Palais Galliera is a permanent space in Paris dedicated to fashion; brings together more than 200,000 works including garments, accessories, drawings and photographs to reflect the world of clothing; Other museums of interest include the Yves Saint Laurent Paris Museum and the Museum of Decorative Arts.

emblematic boutiques

Although Paris offers department stores, independent stores and other shopping options, suffice it to say that the famous Avenue Montaigne is home to high fashion brands characterized by their luxurious designs, including Chanel, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton.

You see it? Get your passport ready and define your agenda, Paris awaits you with multiple treasures full of fashion to dream about.
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