Design brands presented their collections at Fashion Space. Meet one of the most representative.

Providing a hybrid space for designers from our country (and even the world) to present their collections was one of Intermoda's goals after the pandemic.

Miguel Pánuco was among the guests to achieve it and through Fashion Space, his luxury firm called Pánuco, found the opportunity to demonstrate all his creativity.

How? Well, Fashion Space translates into a highly-produced fashion exhibition that takes place physically but is also broadcast for digital audiences.

The result, more than satisfactory. Pánuco fell in love with his “Libre” collection. After the projection of a fashion film, the creative took the floor:

“Intermoda is my home. 'Libre' is a very special and different collection, for me it means going back to my beginnings and creative vision (…) it is important to be able to express it with all of you. I am more than happy”, expressed Miguel Pánuco, a designer originally from Guadalajara.

The DNA of Panuco

In the words of the designer, the brand is exclusive and works with ancient techniques that are transformed with a modern sensibility. Without a doubt, it has an architectural language and at the same time organic; the brand conveys powerful emotions.

New proposal

His "Libre" collection found inspiration in love and brought together a charming warm color palette that included shades of beige, olive, green as well as gray. All this in feminine silhouettes with resounding attention to detail.


Intermoda: The place to promote your brand

If you are a consolidated designer or you have a project under a design approach, you can exhibit in the Trending Pavilion. More information at: trending@intermoda.com.mx / Tel. (33) 3122. 4499 Ext.225

Do you sell designer garments?

If you are a specialized buyer, Intermoda awaits you with multiple proposals. Attend the 75th edition from July 20 to 23! Register here: https://bit.ly/38gQ8Mn

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