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We tell you which specialized magazines you should read

Information on fashion trends, emerging designers and industry news is available in multiple spaces, including digital forums, opinion leaders on social networks, as well as highly relevant specialized business meetings such as Intermoda.

However, there is still room for those who wish to read in print or digitally. For this reason, we present some magazines that, due to their trajectory and reinvention, continue to be relevant today:


The most famous of all. It arrived in Mexico in the 1990s, but its history dates back to 1892 when it was founded in the United States. Currently its presence is worldwide and among its most beloved editions by fashion lovers is Vogue Italia.

Business of fashion

A large part of the fashion community around the world visits this space to find out about content from a journalistic, economic and analytical perspective. Its platform offers multiple sections, including marketing, beauty, sustainability, technology and more about the fashion universe.


Since the 70's and counting. This magazine winks at fashion from a more alternative perspective, so it is not surprising that content on art, mainstream, cinema and more are combined with all the style. Without a doubt, an unmissable.

Vanity Fair

More than 100 years of career endorse him as one of the most famous women's publications of all time. Multiple of its covers have become media events, catapulting characters and connecting them with the culture of the fashion sector.

Which is your favorite?

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