Fashion: what can I market?

Intermoda offers a wide range of products for different markets.

In Guadalajara, the most relevant business exhibition in all of Latin America is held twice a year. Yes, it's Intermodal.

One of the reasons why this fair has this appointment is due to the large number of exhibitors and buyers that come together in each of its editions. Even during the current pandemic, the exhibition did not stop and provided business viability to the fashion industry, positioning itself as an international example.

One of the main attractions of the exhibition is the wide range of products through specialized pavilions: Lady, Gentleman, Footwear, Accessories, Gala, among others .

Thousands of buyers visit Intermoda to acquire trendy pieces and, of course, successful in the market.

If you plan to start a fashion business, through marketing or distribution, you will surely find multiple proposals.

For this reason, we have prepared some suggestions on products that you can sell among your network of contacts, from your boutique or business related to the fashion sector:

  • Clothes for women

Undoubtedly, the largest market of all. Each season, trends dictate representative pieces, however, there are styles that remain in the interest of the market. From the most vaporous dresses for summer to the ideal coats for winter, going through lines of ceremony and casual garments.

  • design parts

Design will always be an added value. Through sophisticated garments, limited editions or, in series, but with an avant-garde proposal, designer fashion can open the door to an exclusive market.

  • plus sizes

Fashion is for all bodies. Collections with a curvy accent are proposals with great opportunities in the fashion sector.

  • Jeweler's

One of the noblest options and with a large profit margin. Jewelry and costume jewelery is a perfect complement for your fashion business; the options range from gold, silver and even precious metal plated jewelry, as well as other materials including steel and even resins.

  • Footwear and accessories

Bags, hats, shoes for men and women, sports pieces, ties, bows, headbands. The list is endless. These can become products that sell more easily and in higher volume. Explore its possibilities!

Visiting Intermoda is entering a sea of ​​commercial possibilities. Thousands of products in one place through both national and foreign suppliers. Sign up here today!

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