Fashion for pets: business idea

If you are passionate about animals, this is an opportunity within the fashion industry

In recent years, the new generations have shown that the lifestyle is very different from what it was in previous decades. The new family structures and the importance of pets within them is a reality.

Therefore, today we want to invite you to reflect on a business opportunity that you can take if you are a manufacturer or marketer of fashion products. Yes, it is about fashion for pets, the most beloved:

From cats to dogs (mainly), going through other pets that can also be loved and even pampered by fashion victims.  

Past vs Present

Although accessories and some clothing for pets have always been present in veterinarians and even supermarkets, today specialized online stores and even the presence of independent firms dedicated to this market are beginning to gain strength, selling their products in bazaars, markets, online businesses with a broader distribution network and even specialized fairs such as Intermoda.

the current business

According to INEGI, in Mexico seven out of ten homes have a pet. The potential is huge for the retail industry; fashion, of course, leads the way.

Of course, if you want to enter this business we recommend:

  1. Look for eye-catching materials and a wide range of options. The style of the pets will be a decision that their own owners will make, make sure you have multiple proposals.  
  2. Take care of the quality. Customers will be demanding to give their animals the best, so research supplies and materials that do not cause any harm.
  3. Weapon accessories: In addition to clothing, you can add straps, bibs, beds, dishes and a long etcetera.
  4. Personality! Your brand, like any other, must stand out from the rest. Take care of your image and bet on both a name and an original DNA.

And the big firms?

Imagine the importance of this business unit, brands like Gucci  o Louis Vuitton have already launched collections dedicated to pets.


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