Celebratory fashion at Intermoda!

Perfect Dress and its brilliant participation in the Gala Pavilion.

From July 20 to 23, the 75th edition of Intermoda will bring together the protagonists of the Mexican fashion industry that serve specific markets, including festive accent garments.

With the gradual opening of event halls and social events, gala fashion has become a very profitable business for specialized buyers. For this reason, today we place the magnifying glass on Perfect Dress, Intermoda's exhibiting company.

Founded in Guadalajara in 2016, this firm has gained positioning thanks to the design and manufacture of dresses for quinceañeras.


With collections changing twice a year, according to current design trends and the spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons, Perfect Dress is an exhibitor firm with an innovative, classic and sophisticated style.

"Perfect Dress has set trends nationally and internationally in fashion for quinceañeras (...) we feel very happy because we know that several years of work have already taken place, but thanks to Intermoda each one of them has been completely worth it", explain.

Perfect Dress in Intermoda

What 2017 began with a stand, currently adds various spaces in the Gala Pavilion. Undoubtedly, Intermoda has become a forceful commercial platform for this gala firm.

Strategies and competitive advantages

In the words of the team, Perfect Dress has remained faithful to strategies during the current pandemic, including: innovation in materials, refinement of techniques, attention to detail and customer service.

Message to your buyers

"The feelings we have towards the buyers who have been with us all this time is total gratitude, since it is because of them and for them that we have grown in the way we have, because of them at this moment we are one of the most important companies in Mexico for quinceañeras”, explains the Perfect Dress team.


Instagram: @perfectdress15

Facebook: Perfect Dress 15

E-mail: ventasperfectdress@gmail.com

Phone: 333 156 0139

We are waiting for you at Intermoda 75!

If you want to market this type of product or you have a fashion company with a festive accent, Intermoda is the platform to boost your business.

We are waiting for you from July 20 to 23 at Expo Guadalajara.

  • If you are a buyer, register here: https://bit.ly/38gQ8Mn
  • If you want to be an exhibitor of this great platform, contact our commercial area at (33) 3122.4499 Ext.238. It will be a pleasure to serve you!

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