Fashionable Mexico!

León, Zacatecas, Jalisco and other latitudes that produce and bring products from this industry closer. meet them.

Mexico has an impressive cultural richness, natural diversity, as well as a long list of attributes. Among them, places full of producers for the fashion industry that you cannot miss.

Discover why the following destinations shine in relation to this sector:


A beautiful city, nestled in the state of Guanajuato, is responsible for generating millions of pairs of shoes each year for countless national and international buyers to purchase: León. In addition, leather goods are not far behind, promoting the entity as a perfect destination for those looking for manufacturers of this type of product.

Taxco and Zacatecas

A large number of workshops, boutiques and jewelry centers dedicated to silver jewelry are found in these two places. Perhaps for this reason Taxco, Guerrero, has been considered the city of Mexican silver par excellence.

Zacatecas, for its part, also has a strong sense of business for companies that mainly work with silver jewelry.


Of course, Guadalajara, its capital, is the host city of Intermoda, the most important and safe fashion business exhibition in all of Latin America. The meeting is held twice a year, in the months of January and July, and receives thousands of buyers willing to do great business.

In addition, Jalisco has leading municipalities in textile manufacturing, including Zapotlanejo, a town that has gained recognition for its constant marketing of garments for multiple markets.

Yes, from north to south, Mexico is a relevant country for the fashion industry globally.
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